Simple and Comprehensive Space Management,
Lease Administration and Accounting Solution

Are you looking for ways to track negotiations, manage lease portfolio and comply with ASC 842/IFRS 16 guidelines? Is ensuring safe return of your employees post-COVID a priority for you?

Enhance Portfolio Transparency

Increase Financial Compliance

Reduce Risks and Expenses

Occupancy Management

Ensure safe return of your employees post-COVID

  • Plan employee re-entry and space utilization
  • Understand your occupancy metrics, threshold compliance and risks via Occupancy Dashboard
  • Analyze post-COVID employee attendance trends and optimize your real estate footprint
  • Easily perform COVID health surveys
  • Mobile app for employees to reserve space and check-in
  • Optionally enable automatic contact tracing for employees, while they are at work, to track their exposure

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Occupancy Management

Lease Management

Fresh and simple user interface with powerful features to manage your lease portfolio end-to-end

  • Manage all your real estate and equipment leases
  • Get at-a-glance portfolio and performance insights via dashboards and tailored reports
  • Never miss a critical date with personalized notifications
  • Easily manage and find contacts and documents in one location
  • Centralize your portfolio data

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Lease Accounting

Trusted by 10,000+ major real estate businesses, Yardi brings focus and expertise to the corporate real estate market

  • Generate FASB ASC 842 & IFRS 16 calculations
  • Generate payables and process payments
  • View amortization schedules and cash flow reports
  • Create journal entries and book payments and income
  • Layered on top of best-in-class real estate accounting platform Yardi Voyager

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Transaction Management

Go from getting a requirement to signing a lease in a streamlined, quick and easy process

  • Centralize your deal data
  • Analyze deals easily
  • Collaborate with external brokers and internal decision makers
  • Leverage powerful workflows with audit trails
  • Manage tasks including automated notifications and reminders

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Facilities Management

Get management-level oversight into maintenance across all your leases

  • Schedule efficiently via auto-assign based on custom rules and workflow
  • Save money via planned and preventative maintenance of equipment
  • Easy to follow workflows and templates to capture every details
  • Stay in sync with the ground team via mobile apps
  • Eliminate paperwork and re-keying of information

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Real estate Facilities Management - Lease management software

Custom Reporting

Easy to create attractive and branded custom reports

  • No-code solution to create reports
  • Drill down to the details
  • Add graphs and dashboards with few clicks
  • Leverage useful EXCEL features – pivots, macros, filters, sorts
  • Comprehensive set of pre-built reports

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Configurable and Customizable Reporting

Setup and Support

Our team and our partners offer a range of services to enable successful implementation and ensure timely support post go-live

  • Data abstraction, cleansing, upload and validation using Six Sigma process
  • Successfully transition to FASB ASC 842 or IFRS 16
  • Easy to use tools to report and track tickets
  • Customer success team is only an email or phone call away

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Lease Management and Accounting Support and Implementation
A comprehensive lease management solution built on the industry’s leading and most powerful real estate platform.


Get answers to your questions about Yardi lease management software.

How long has Yardi been in business?

In 1984, a “Basic Property Management” for the Apple II computer was sold to our first customer, Sabaco Realtors. Since then, Yardi has grown dramatically to become the leading provider of software solutions for the real estate industry.

What type of businesses does Yardi serve?

Our solutions increase efficiency and reduce costs for a global client base of public and private organizations. We are 100% focused on property management solutions for our clientele for the last 4 decades. Our client base comprises of CRE Occupiers, Landlords, Owners, Fee Managers and our solution caters to various functions within such organizations.

What are the main focus areas of Yardi’s Corporate Real Estate Solution?

Our goal is to design a single stack solution for CRE occupiers to help them manage their real estate related needs easily. There are multiple applications in the corporate real estate suite that focuses on occupancy management and safe re-entry post COVID, lease management and administration, FASB ASC 842 / IFRS 16 / GASB 87 lease accounting, real estate transactions management, facilities management, construction/capital project management and energy management to help measure and optimize energy use.

Do we need to host the solution?

Corporate Lease Manager is a 100% cloud based SaaS offering and is hosted in Yardi’s cloud. You do not need to incur any effort or expense to host our solution.

What does the implementation look like?

Implementing Corporate Lease Manager is not that difficult. We have templatized the initial setup to get you up and running quickly.

Do you provide lease abstraction services as a part of the implementation?

We do not. However, we partner with services firms that specialize in lease administration, follows 6 sigma process and are happy to make introductions.

How much does it cost?

The solution has a range of functions and the pricing will depend on the needs of your business. That said, our clients find that they quickly offset any implementation costs and even pay for themselves as our solution is designed to increase revenue and reduce expenses.

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